18. 6. 2015filmby Daniel Lechthaler

Jaunt – The future of cinematic VR

The idea for Jaunt originated in early 2013 when one of our founders returned from an amazing experience at Zion National Park.  What if he could go back there for a brief jaunt, at any time, from any place? The emerging consumer VR industry provides the mechanism to travel to virtual worlds.  We aim to put realism back into the virtual reality experience, lending an uncanny sense of presence never before possible with any other technology.

The newly announced Jaunt Studios is a Los Angeles-based wing of the company that will be dedicated solely to developing and producing live-action VR experiences.

2. 4. 2015audioby Alex Campan

Multidirectional Binaural Audio in VR

Since i am involved in this wonderful virtual reality project, i spend a lot of time thinking of multiple ways to implement binaural audio into virtual reality.

There are plenty of ways doing so and thank goodness we have the internet at our fingertips. So what is the goal of implementing multidirectional binaural audio into a virtual reality environment for a movie?

The goal is to experience a realistic acoustical impression of being right in the center of a given situation, as well as being able to orientate and locate yourself and others.

29. 6. 2015webby Vincent Balbuena

360-degree videos on Youtube

Recently YouTube launched support for 360-degree videos on Android and Chrome, giving you a new way to connect with your viewers. From letting people sit front row at SNL’s 40th Anniversary show to taking them around the world and to music concerts, you’re sharing your awesome world in 360-degrees.
Now they are taking the YouTube 360 experience even further by giving your amazing videos new places to thrive. All of YouTube’s 360-degree content is available on Google Cardboard, providing a truly immersive experience to your viewers. Additionally, your fans can watch these videos on iOS 8.0 and above.